A national system to measure the educational performance and progress of young people whilst in care, across LA boundaries, launched in 2017 to help local authorities and virtual school heads target resources effectively.

Nearly every Local Authority in England is involved in the NCER CLA Project

Phase One went live in March 2017, giving 150 authorities and their Virtual School Heads access to 15 interactive CLA reports inside Nexus — the NCER reporting system that LAs already use extensively for education performance analysis.

Project Purpose & Aims

The NCER CLA Project has created a consistent, national evidence-based system for monitoring educational outcomes of children in care.

Utilising the NCER Nexus system enables local authorities to assess, monitor and report on the educational achievement and progress of children in care nationally, locally at an institutional level, and individually. The project includes reporting filters that take into account the recommendations of the ADCS / NAVSH / NCER research paper, based on earlier research by The Rees Centre / University of Bristol.

Virtual School Heads (VSHs) welcome this project because of its contribution to developing a better, holistic understanding of the attainment and progress of children in care and the key vulnerabilities, which VSHs are committed to addressing in partnership with all those who work to enable them to achieve their potential.

Each local authority that has opted in to the NCER CLA Project is able to grant access to their Virtual School Heads, allowing VSHs to benefit from the interactive CLA reports within Nexus.

See the full list of Phase 1 CLA Reports

Project Timeline

Summer 2017

March 2017

Spring 2017

Winter 2016

Autumn 2016

Summer 2016

Spring 2016

Phase 1 CLA Reports

We have added 15 'CLA reports' into the Nova area of Nexus, focusing on performance at the end of Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4. These reports enable like-for-like comparisons between 'Children Looked After' (CLA pupils) and similar pupils nationally.

  • KS1 Benchmark (CLA)
  • KS1 Pupil Details (CLA)
  • KS1 Pupil List (CLA)
  • KS1 Summary (CLA)
  • KS2 Benchmark (CLA)
  • KS2 Pupil Details (CLA)
  • KS2 Pupil List (CLA)
  • KS2 Summary (CLA)
  • KS1-2 Progress Benchmark (CLA)
  • KS1-2 Progress Pupil List (CLA)
  • KS4 Att8/Prog8 Benchmark (CLA)
  • KS4 Att8/Prog8 Pupil List (CLA)
  • KS4 Benchmark (CLA)
  • KS4 Pupil Details (CLA)
  • KS4 Pupil List (CLA)

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