An online toolkit for schools to streamline interactions with their LA and to securely share intelligence, including reports with NCER Nationals, Ofsted analysis, real-time data trends, education news, and more…

Key Features in Perspective Lite for Schools


Some features need to be turned ON by your local authority. Please contact Perspective Support to check your access to LA services.


Only available if your LA has subscribed to an additional module from Angel Solutions.

Benefits of Perspective Lite

Included in NCER membership Fees

Perspective Lite for schools is already included as standard in NCER membership.

Increases LA-School engagement

Perspective Lite creates a platform for local authorities and schools to interact easily on a regular and ongoing basis.

Facilitates traded service agreements

The interlinked systems of Nexus and Perspective Lite provides an easy way for authorities to trade valuable services with their schools, such as School Improvement or data services.

Keeps pupil data safe

Nexus and Perspective Lite are built to the highest security standards. Unlike email, these systems enable safe data and document sharing.

Hassle-free set up & support

Perspective Lite accounts are set up and given ongoing technical support by Angel Solutions. This is already included in NCER membership, meaning there are no hidden management or maintenance overheads.

How to activate for schools

It's easy to give Perspective Lite to all schools and academies in your local authority.

NCER member authorities simply need to request a Perspective Lite 'roll out' from our partners, Angel Solutions. Their team will walk you through the process and provide all the resources you need to make the roll out smooth and successful for your schools.

We recommend that those with a Nexus account also log in and speak to other authorities via the Nexus Forum about maximising the benefits of Perspective Lite.

Contact Angel Solutions to arrange a Perspective Lite roll out to your schools:
0845 833 0933