The National Consortium for Examination Results Community Interest Company (NCER CIC known to members as the NCER) is a longstanding, non-profit making organisation providing first class educational performance data analysis systems for local authorities in England.

We are owned by, and act on behalf of, all local authorities in the field of education data. We are also run by local authority officers / former local authority officers who provide a vital insight into local authority current and future data requirements.

Our membership now consists of all local authorities in England enabling NCER to operate on a truly national scale, delivering both excellent value for money, economies of scale, and a robust and effective national system. We are able to draw on the expertise and creativity of our national professional community of interest to ensure that our products continue to evolve and develop to meet the needs of local authorities.

We also work in partnership with key national stakeholders such as the DfE, ADCS, Solace and the LGA to develop data systems which support key statutory education obligations and Section 13A duties (Education Act 1996).

Our Systems

NCER data systems are able to process individual pupil level results data, including importing, cleaning, exporting and analysis enabling local authorities to perform their statutory duties effectively and efficiently.

Our systems can be used by multiple teams and stakeholders within local authorities to provide high quality data service to schools and senior managers providing robust evidence of school improvement and quality assurance functions including preparation for Ofsted inspections

Local authorities subscribe to NCER in order to have access to a suite of data systems that provide support for analysis of Early Years Foundation through to Post 16, which include the NEXUS Data Portal, KEYPAS, Dashboards and Perspective Lite for Schools.

NCER systems can also be used by local authorities to provide a traded service with their schools.

Guiding Principles Of The Organisation

  • We are a non-profit making Community Interest Company that focuses on the needs of local authorities, schools and academies.
  • We work in partnership with the Local Government Association (LGA), Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) and the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers (Solace) and the Department for Education (DfE)
  • We enable local authorities to support all schools and academies in evaluating performance and raising achievement of all learners.
  • We provide an unrivalled, unique service to local authorities.
  • We research into new areas of performance analysis and develop common measures to the benefit of all local authorities, schools and academies.
  • We react to government proposals for new indicators and benchmarks.
  • We enable local authorities to provide a traded service with their schools.
  • We offer a professional community of interest focused on the needs of local authorities and schools.