Terms and Conditions for the use of NEXUS

Conditions of use

Access to, and use of NEXUS constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions. They take effect from the date on which you first use this website.


  1. The information is to be used only for educational purposes and in the interests of the pupils and schools and not for any other purpose;
  2. Personal information extracted from NEXUS is to be shared only with those who need the information to discharge a statutory education function. Exceptions to this apply only where a valid Data Sharing and/or Exchange agreement is in force. The Local Authority must ensure that this exchange is lawful.
  3. Only nominated users may access the system and must be made aware that they cannot share their password with anybody.
  4. Usernames and passwords are not transferable and NEXUS administrators are responsible for either disabling user accounts or where necessary informing Angel Solutions that an individual is no longer an authorised user.
  5. Data must not be retained in the LA's own systems, or on electronic or paper-based records, for pupils who are not on the roll of schools within your LA. An exception to this applies only in the case of children under the care of your Local Authority.
  6. You must not print, save, or record in any way, any pages from the web site that contain any pupil-specific information. This includes, but is not limited to, the results of any searches you perform on the database.

NEXUS Administrators

NEXUS Administrators are those users assigned with two factor access tokens and who are able to both add users and amend existing user details (such as reset passwords etc).
It is expected that each Local Authority has at least two active NEXUS Administrators at all times

  1. NEXUS Administrators accept responsibility for the secure management of NEXUS user details
  2. NEXUS Administrators must ensure that all users with access to NEXUS are eligible to do so
  3. Where an existing NEXUS administrator no longer has authority to access NEXUS Online (either through termination of employment or other terms of employment), it is the responsibility of the remaining NEXUS administrator to ensure access rights are revoked and/or transferred

Restrictions placed on users outside of the Local Authority

  1. Access to NEXUS is not permitted for school users (this condition applies to users in schools both within and outside of the Local Authority (e.g., Academies)
  2. NEXUS Administrators are responsible for ensuring that no user accounts are created for use by school users

Data Protection

When accessing the details of individual pupils in NEXUS>KEYPAS you must recognise the privacy of that data and at all times comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. You must ensure in particular that your use of the data to which you have access is consistent with the purpose for which the database was set up and that you do not use the data for any other purpose. You must ensure that the information is processed securely and that it is not subject to any unauthorised use or disclosure.

Eligible Users

All users of NCER products must be directly employed by a Local Authority or where the user is not directly employed must have recorded permission with a NEXUS administrator from the LA to do so. An example of a user who may not be directly employed by your Local Authority although is eligible to access NCER systems may be engaged in any of the following roles:

- Is contracted to the Local Authority and is engaged in a 'School Improvement Partner' type of role
- Is contracted to the Local Authority and is engaged in supporting performance data team duties (both statutory and non-statutory)

Within NEXUS, users external to the LA are not permitted to access NEXUS>KEYPAS In all cases, the Local Authority must ensure that data sharing protocols and/or confidentiality agreements are in place between the user(s) and the LA

Ofsted Data

Inspection data presented within Nexus is sourced from the Ofsted website using the The Open Government Licence, which allows us to make use of the data in this commercial context. Reproduction of this data beyond Nexus is prohibited without express written consent of Angel Solutions Ltd and the NCER.