Purpose of NCER Vice-Chair

Deputise for NCER Chair

The NCER Vice-Chair will deputise for the Chair as required, and will support the Chair on managing NCER company business, in order that NCER continues to be the foremost organisation in the area of educational performance data analysis for local authorities.

Support NCER Chair as needed

The details of operation for the Vice-Chair will be discussed and agreed with the Chair.

Elected by NCER Board

The NCER Vice-Chair will be elected from among the Directors.

Responsibilities of NCER Vice-Chair

1. Making Decisions
Deputise for the Chair as required, with full decision-making authority on behalf of the Chair when deputising.
2. Assist in Meeting Oversight
Support the Chair in managing NCER company business, including meetings of the Management Group and Steering Group, and the Strategic Reference Group, and other areas as agreed through discussion with the Chair.