Purpose of Company Secretary


The NCER Company Secretary is responsible to the NCER Chair and the other NCER Directors for developing, monitoring and reporting on the effective governance of the NCER.

Day-to-Day Management

The NCER Company Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day running of NCER and its core meetings, and assists the Chair in ensuring that NCER maintains its lead position in enabling local authorities to analyse performance and attainment data.

Responsibilities of Company Secretary

1. Governance of Core Meetings
Attend and contribute to the core NCER meetings, supporting the Chair and promoting effective professional relationships both within the NCER and between the NCER and its partners according to the highest standards of governance, and ensuring that the performance of the core NCER meetings are formally evaluated on a regular basis.
2. Accountability
Ensure all work agreed by the Management Group is carried out, and that work recommended by the Steering Group is properly considered.
3. Management Reports
Provide appropriate management reports as required by the Chair.
4. Administrate Management Meetings
Organise the Management and Steering Group meetings, preparing relevant papers and ensuring that other papers are produced on time to a professional standard, and producing minutes relating to these meetings.
5. NCER Members' Meeting
Organise the Annual Members' Meeting and present relevant information.
6. Member Reports
Contribute to the provision of regular reports and information for members.
7. Administrative Assistance of Finances
Assist the Chair and Finance Officer in planning, monitoring and reviewing expenditure and financial commitment to ensure cost-effective planning is achieved.
8. Monitoring
Assist with monitoring of the NCER activities.
9. Strategy
Assist the Chair with NCER strategic planning.
10. Help Build Strategic Links
Support the Chair on links with central and local government organisations and other relevant bodies and agencies.
11. Compliance
Lead for the NCER on standards of Information Governance and compliance with those standards, including ICO compliance for Data Protection.
12. Communications Support
Support the Communications Director in producing a series of information governance good practices guides for NCER.
13. Finance Support
Assist the Finance Director with the maintenance of the NCER electronic bank account with authorised signatories.
14. Contracts
Lead for the NCER in respect of contractual relationships with member authorities and with suppliers.
15. Nexus Forum
Monitor the NEXUS forum on the NCER website and where appropriate, contribute to discussions and / or respond to enquiries.