Purpose of NCER Finance Director

Financial Planning

The NCER Finance Director is responsible for the effective operation and ongoing development of NCER financial planning so as to ensure that the NCER remains financially viable in the short, medium and longer terms.

Financial Governance

The NCER Finance Director is responsible for ensuring that the highest standards of corporate financial governance are followed by the NCER, working with the auditors appointed by the Board.

Day-to-day Financial Management

The NCER Finance Director is responsible for day-to-day running of the NCER finances through the accountants appointed by the Board.

Responsibilities of NCER Finance Director

1. Contribute to NCER Meetings
Attend and contribute to the core NCER meetings, supporting the Chair and promoting effective professional relationships both within the NCER and between the NCER and its partners according to the highest standards of governance.
2. Budgeting / Planning
Prepare budgets and the forward planning of NCER finances, and be responsible for planning, monitoring and reviewing expenditure and financial commitments to ensure that the NCER is cost-effective in all that it does.
3. Financial Accountability to Members
Assist the Secretary with the financial aspects of the Consortium's contractual responsibilities with member authorities and with suppliers, in conjunction with Halton Borough Council.
4. Strategic Planning
Assist the Chair with NCER strategic planning regarding financial issues.
5. Financial Reports
Responsible to the Board for the design, creation and provision of appropriate financial management reports.
6. Main Financial Contact
Be the first point of contact for NCER for the membership regarding financial issues and the last point of contact should Halton Borough Council have difficulty in chasing outstanding invoices.
7. Income Calculations
Ensure that membership fees and other monies due to NCER are calculated correctly and passed to Halton Borough Council to create invoices.
8. Outgoing Payments
Ensure that NCER CIC invoices from authorised suppliers, local authorities and, where appropriate, individuals are certified and passed to Halton Borough Council for payment.
9. Annual Company Accounts
Ensure that the NCER Annual Accounts are produced in line with Companies House requirements by Halton Borough, and that they are properly audited.
10. Ongoing Financial Reporting
Contribute to the provision of regular financial reports and information for the NCER Management Team and NCER Steering Group, as appropriate.
11. Members' Financial Enquiries
Monitor the NEXUS forum on the NCER website and, where appropriate, contribute to discussions and/or respond to financial enquiries.
12. Online Banking
Maintain the NCER electronic bank account with authorised signatories alongside the Halton Borough Council BACS facility.
13. Tax Returns
Ensure that Halton Borough Council deal with VAT and Corporation Tax returns in a timely manner.