Structure of Development Role(s)

Appointment Process

NCER may appoint one or two Development Directors to be responsible for providing strategic leadership to Angel Solutions on the production, implementation and monitoring of NCER and related products. The framework for operation with Angel Solutions is set out in the Memorandum of Understanding between NCER and Angel Solutions.


Where two Development Directors are appointed, the allocation of tasks and responsibilities will be discussed by the two Directors and agreed by the Chair in the form of a note for the Board. Notwithstanding this division of tasks, it is expected that the two Development Directors will work closely together and will deputise for each other as required.

Responsibilities of Development Director(s)

1. Contribute to Core Meetings
Attend and contribute to the core NCER meetings, supporting the Chair and promoting effective professional relationships both within the NCER and between the NCER and its partners according to the highest standards of governance.
2. Stay Ahead of Education Changes
Ensure that new developments in the field of education performance data (whether from national or local government, or external providers) are brought to the attention of the NCER Board with recommendations for NCER action.
3. Product Planning
Lead on the planning and implementation of product development including the definition of project scope, goals and deliverables, working with Angel Solutions.
4. Work Closely with Angel Solutions
Work with Angel Solutions according to the Thin Intelligent Client protocol:
5. Manage Realistic Timelines
Plan and schedule project timelines and track project deliverables, signing off development work on behalf of NCER, and reporting to the Board and membership as appropriate.
6. Strategic Product Development
Work to support Angel Solutions on the overall direction, co-ordination, implementation, execution, control and completion of software projects ensuring consistency with NCER strategy.
7. Allocate Resources
Manage project resource allocation as agreed by the NCER Board.
8.Lead on Strategic Development Priorities
Lead on the discussions with Angel Solutions in the delivery of priorities within the NCER Development Plan.
9. Meet with Members
Coordinate meetings of members as appropriate to progress work on research and product development issues.
10. Feedback on Good Practice
Obtain systematically the views of member authorities about high quality, useful and effective methods of data analysis and report to the core NCER meetings.
11. Support the Board
Assist the Chair in ensuring that NCER maintains its lead position in enabling local authorities to analyse performance and attainment data with particular reference to the relevant management guidelines, strategies, quality standards and programmes of work.
12. Pioneer Education Research
Propose to the NCER Board and Steering Group, as appropriate, possible pilot research projects using the NCER data and processes, having considered the available resources and overall priorities.
13. Member Interaction / Support
Monitor the Forum on the NCER website and, where appropriate, contribute to discussions and / or respond to enquiries.