Structure of Communication Role

Stakeholder Engagement

The NCER Communications Director is responsible for the management and dissemination of all aspects of NCER communications to members and partners.

Group Involvement

The NCER Communications Director is a member of the NCER Management Group and the NCER Steering Group.

Responsibilities of Communications Director

1. Informing Members
Management and implementation of communication issues and the introduction of a series of good practice guides for NCER members.
2. Website Updates
Liaise with Angel Solutions to ensure that the NCER website is kept up-to-date and that the information is accurate, so that all members can be kept abreast of the latest NCER developments.
3. Promote NCER Aims & Objectives
Promote the aims and objectives of NCER through the NEXUS website and other communication channels.
4. Partner Communication Channels
Be responsible for all NCER content passed to partner organisations for publication, including ADCS, the LGA and Solace.
5. Engage with Members
Monitor the NEXUS forum on the website and coordinate responses and discussions, in liaison with other NCER Directors and where appropriate, contractors’ help desk services.
6. Regular Updates for Members
Produce information updates for members via newsletters, web-site content and other channels, as agreed by the NCER Board.
7. Plan Email Comms (with Angel Solutions)
Oversee the maintenance of the e-mail system in liaison with Angel Solutions.
8. Regular Reports
Contribute to the provision of regular reports and information for members.
9. Keeping Comms Records
To archive NCER documents and bulletins to create an historical record of communications with members.
10. NCER Members' Meeting
To co-ordinate key communications and presentations for the NCER Annual Meeting, and to co-ordinate the feedback from the NCER Annual Meeting.