Election Dates

NCER Directors

Please select a Director for more information on their specific role and responsibilities within NCER, as well as contact details and the length of their elected term. The General Responsibilities and General Requirements below are applicable to all NCER Directors.

NCER invoicing is now processed by Halton Borough Council Financial Services.

General Responsibilities

All NCER Directors will promote the NCER and its aims and objectives by ensuring:

  • The highest standards of corporate governance.
  • The best possible value for money for local authorities.
  • The NCER and its suppliers are able to respond to changed demands rapidly.
  • That the NCER remains educationally and professionally credible and financially viable.

General Requirements

All Directors…

  • Must be serving local authority officers OR have recent relevant experience that enables them to fulfil their functions
  • Must not have other commitments that might lead to a conflict of interest, such that member authorities might lose confidence in NCER. (Where such conflicts might arise, the Board of Directors will consider the issues & determine appropriate action.)
  • Are under an obligation to set out their position with regard to these matters at the time of their election, and to inform the Secretary and the Chair if their circumstances change, in which case the Secretary and Chair will make a proposal for the consideration of the NCER Board.
  • Are members of (and attend) all the core NCER meetings, including but not limited to: Board of Directors, Steering Group, General Meetings, and the Strategic Reference Group.
  • Have both specific responsibilities according to their post, and general responsibilities for the NCER as a whole.
  • May be asked to deputise for other Directors when necessary.