Peter Richmond


Peter Richmond is NCER Company Secretary

Authority: Halton Borough Council


[t]: 0151 511 7003

The NCER Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day running of NCER, its core meetings and assists the Chair in ensuring that NCER maintains its lead position in enabling local authorities to analyse performance and attainment data. The NCER Secretary is a member of the NCER Senior Management Group, Management Group and the NCER Steering Group.

Responsibilities of the post

  1. Ensure all work agreed by the Management Group, and work recommended by the Steering Group, is carried out.

  2. Responsible for the design, creation and provision of appropriate management reports.

  3. Organise the Management and Steering Group minutes, prepare relevant papers and produce minutes relating to these meetings.

  4. Organise the Annual Meeting and present relevant information.

  5. Contribute to the provision of regular reports and information for members.

  6. Assist the Chair and Finance Officer in planning, monitoring and reviewing expenditure and financial commitment to ensure cost-effective planning is achieved.

  7. Assist with monitoring of the NCER Development Plan.

  8. Assist with the NCER Strategic Plan.

  9. Promote the aims and objectives of NCER.

  10. Be the main link with the central government organisations and other relevant bodies.

  11. Provide management and implementation of Information Governance on behalf of the Consortium.

  12. Lead on and ensure ICO compliance for Data Protection.

  13. Collaborate with the Communications Officer to produce a series of Information Governance good practices and guides for NCER.

  14. Assist with the maintenance of the NCER electronic bank account with authorised signatories.

  15. Take the lead in respect of the Consortium’s contractual responsibilities with member authorities and with suppliers.

  16. Monitor the NEXUS forum on the NCER website and where appropriate, contribute to discussions and / or respond to enquiries.

  17. Deputise for officers as and when required.