Election Dates for Directors

NCER Directors: Elections and Procedures

  • In year one of a cycle (even years - 2014, 2016), the Chair, Finance Director and EPAS Development Director will be elected
  • In year two (odd years - 2015, 2017) the Company Secretary, Nexus Development Director and Communications Director are elected.
  • Vacancies falling outside this cycle will be filled on an interim basis so that this pattern is maintained.

Recent Elections

We are pleased to advise that the following directors have been elected to serve for the period 2014 to 2016.

The NCER Steering and Management Groups have agreed that Peter Richmond will be NCER Chair whilst also undertaking his role as NCER Company Secretary for 2014-15. John Freeman CBE is currently undertaking a full review of NCER – its service delivery, governance and management, including officer structure, and will be making recommendations for the Management Group to consider.