Bob Payne

Nexus Development Director

Bob Payne is NCER Nexus Development Director

Authority: Northamptonshire County Council


The NCER NEXUS Development Officer is responsible for the production, implementation and monitoring of the NCER NEXUS Development Plan. The NCER NEXUS Development Officer is a member of the NCER Management Group and the NCER Steering Group.

Responsibilities of the post

  1. Ensure that new developments in the field of education performance data are brought to the attention of NCER.

  2. Lead on the planning and implementation of NEXUS project development including the definition of project scope, goals and deliverables.

  3. Plan and schedule project timelines and track project deliverables using appropriate tools.

  4. Assist with the overall direction, co-ordination, implementation, execution, control and completion of software projects ensuring consistency with NCER strategy, commitments and goals relating to NEXUS.

  5. Manage project resource allocation as agreed by the NCER Management Group.

  6. Provide regular reports and information to members, with particular regards to issues concerning the developments of NEXUS.

  7. Assist in the identification and delivery of training relating to NCER products.

  8. Assist in the discussions with Angel Solutions in the NEXUS Group in the delivery of priorities within the Development Plan relating to NEXUS.

  9. Working with the Systems Support Officer and EPAS Development Officer, to maintain a consistent approach across suppliers through the development and implementation of a prioritisation matrix to preserve the openness of the decision making process.

  10. Obtain the views of member local authorities in a systemic way, about high quality useful and effective methods of data analysis and to report regularly to the Management Group and Steering Group.

  11. Assist the Chair in ensuring that NCER maintains its lead position in enabling local authorities to analyse performance and attainment data with particular reference to the relevant management guidelines, strategies, quality standards and programmes of work.

  12. Chair meetings of the NEXUS Group and any associated working groups to progress work on research and development issues associated with NEXUS.

  13. Collect, evaluate and disseminate examples of good practice within local authorities and to make recommendations to the Management Group and Steering Group for future NCER services and software developments.

  14. Propose to the Management Group and Steering Group, possible pilot research projects using the NCER data.

  15. Promote the aims and objectives of NCER.

  16. Monitor the NEXUS forum on the NCER website and where appropriate, contribute to discussions and / or respond to enquiries.

  17. Deputise for other officers as and when required.