Peter Richmond


Peter Richmond is NCER Chair

Authority: Halton Borough Council


The NCER Chair will ensure NCER continues to be a leading organisation in the area of educational performance data analysis by providing strategic direction and leadership to the Consortium, manage core NCER meetings and promote effective professional relationships between the consortium and its partners.

Responsibilities of the post

  1. Chair the meetings of the Senior Management Group, Management Group, Steering Group, and the NCER Annual Meeting.

  2. Ensure effective operation of the Management and Steering Groups in conformity with the highest standards of governance.

  3. Ensure that the performance of the Management and Steering Groups are formally evaluated on a regular basis.

  4. Set the agenda, style and tone of NCER discussions to promote constructive debate and effective decision-making.

  5. Maintain the high profile of NCER and ensure effective communication with member authorities, software suppliers and working partners.

  6. Maintain links with central and local government organisations and other relevant bodies.

  7. Takes the lead role in co-ordinating responses to national bodies.

  8. Assist the Secretary with the Consortium’s contractual responsibilities with member authorities and with suppliers.

  9. Ensure the production of regular reports to member authorities.

  10. Be the lead officer for the NCER Strategic Plan.

  11. Responsible for monitoring the NCER Development Plan.

  12. Support and advise NCER officers in matters relating to the Consortium.

  13. Maintain access and communication to all NCER officers in a productive and professional manner.

  14. Seek to ensure that NCER remains at the forefront of new developments in performance monitoring and evaluation, in the context of new education legislation and requirements of member local authorities.

  15. Assist the Secretary and Finance Officer in planning, monitoring and reviewing expenditure and financial commitment to ensure cost-effective planning is achieved.

  16. Monitor the NEXUS forum on the NCER website and where appropriate, contribute to discussions and / or respond to enquiries.

  17. Deputise for other officers as and when required.